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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

How a full stop (or period) can put a full stop to sales ...

Today I got two messages about Denny's book. One, from a friend in Sri Lanka who is one of smartest direct marketers I know read:

"I've NEVER ordered a book so fast in my life.

And, bearing in mind that $89 = approx $400 in real cost terms here in Sri Lanka, you had to do a pretty good selling job to make me reach for the plastic.

Just ONE WORD on the book cover made me return to a sales letter and rewrite the whole damn thing."

Well, that made me feel good. Till I got one from Denny Hatch who said:

"When I clicked on the URL that you have in your Blog, it got the equivalent of TILT on a pinball machine. It did not get to the bookstore.

Here is the URL you used:


Note the period at the end. That screws it up."

So if any of you had problems, here's the correct link.

Years ago I read that putting a full stop at the end of headlines reduced readership. Now I've learned another lesson!

WRITING WEBINAR: I shall send news about this later today - I'm putting toegther all the ordering details.

Right now I'm going for a health check. Most mornings this consists of breathing on a mirror to see if I'm still alive. But today is the real thing.

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