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Thursday, 21 October 2010

At last! Crap creative makes its entrance, a good joke from Slovenia - and a quick preview for you

My colleague Carol, who has put up with me for over a decade now, has an eagle eye for the ludicrous.

So I must thank her for showing me this example of how not to advertise.

As so often the perpetrator doesn't have enough confidence to sell what is a good proposition - besides knowing nothing about what works and what doesn't.


In France and Belgium the unions have decided with even more enthusiasm than our lot that the way to save a failing economy is to stop work.

So their strikes meant that on Tuesday I had to get up at some insane hour to go to La Hulpe, the home of Kodak in Belgium and do a talk.

My friend Ales Lisac was on before me - a tough act to follow as he's very funny. He brought his wife Natalie on the trip.

As he explained, "This is a workshop. I work. My wife shops."


Besides being very entertaining, Ales knows a lot about making money in tricky times and will speak at EADIM - a subject you're probably sick to death of.

However, I know one or two people in the U.S. and Australia are miffed that they can't make it.

So to see what you're missing, just go here.

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