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Monday, 25 October 2010

Sad falling-off in the quality of horseshit

This is how Cameron is going to create a thriving, flourishing Britain.

See if you can make a word of sense out of it. By which I mean what is he going to do exactly?

"First, using all available policy levers to create the right framework for enterprise and business investment.

"Second, using our resources to get behind those industries where Britain enjoys competitive advantages.

"Third, using our power and muscle to make it easier for new companies and innovations to flourish."

Wow! This is going to get the country charged up and ready to go, isn't it? We all know what to do now!

Just how many management/political clichés can you get into three fairly short sentences? He's really Bliar-Lite, isn't he? Different face, same old waffle. Why should the results be any different?

What worries me is that not just the country but the quality of horseshit spewed out by politicians has deteriorated appallingly in my lifetime.

Nearly 50 years ago we had as Prime Minister one of this country's best-ever conmen - Harold Wilson. He said we were going to "harness the white heat of technology" to put Britain on top again.

How exactly he was going to go about this nobody knew - least of all him, as he proceeded to demonstrate - but at least it sounded good and original.

Cameron's stuff is much poorer. He borrows U.S. president Lyndon B. Johnson's line about building a Great Society - and weakens it by promising a Big Society. I mean, "Big" and "Great"? Not the same, are they?

We know we're going to grow alright: 20 million more of us are on the way. Maybe he should promise The Crowded Society. That's one thing he can deliver.

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