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Sunday, 24 October 2010

The state we're in - which is unlikely to improve

It's 5 am-ish here in Chelsea and I hear outside the usual drunken oafs lurching their way home - as I do any morning around this time.

When the Great Bliar came in to wreak his magic 14 years ago one of his propagandists was a Scot called "Will" Hutton (not William, please note: Will is more working class) .

"Will" - an MBA and sociologist who worked for the BBC (where else - he's never had a private sector job) before going to run a talking shop called The Work Foundation - wrote a book called The State We're In to explain all the things that had gone wrong with Britain that Tony and Gordon were about to put right.

At that time we were suffering from pubs that closed at 11 p. m. and a strong economy with the biggest surplus in my lifetime.

How things have changed!

Now we have drunkenness night and day, junkies walking past my office every evening, a police force filling in forms rather than catching thieves, health and safety regulations that prevent people doing their jobs, the worst recession since before I was born, people telling me I can't cook bacon in case I upset their religious susceptibilities, a pension that's been slashed by two thirds, subservience to an unelected horde of statist bureaucrats on Brussels, sky-high taxation to pay for it all, the Bank of England printing money and a government run by a pair of rich boys which has pulled off the tricky feat of pissing off all the unions without taking enough steps to put things right.

What state is Will in? you may ask. He is busy sucking at the state's tit, of course, having been appointed by Cameron to "run an enquiry" into cutting pay amongst the top ponces in the public sector whose pensions I am subsidising.

A look into the nature of his thinking is that the Work Foundation used to be called The Industrial Society.

Hey, who needs industry when you can conduct a re-branding exercise? Remember the Bliar's Cool Britannia? What a bunch of plonkers.

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