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Friday, 8 October 2010

Yack-fest reveals Clabeaux's secrets - and a little something from Bangkok for you

Did I mention Dave Clabeaux to you before?

He's the guy who with his partner Ben Moskel runs an affiliate marketing business off a kitchen table that turns over something in excess of a million a year.

(Folk claim they've bought a desk, but I don't believe they're that extravagant.)

Well, yesterday we had a bit of a yack-fest over the phone to find out how the heck they do it. You can listen to his pearls of wisdom and my bad jokes here.

Also yesterday I got a message from old friend and client Paul Leadbitter who is running around the Far East dispensing wisdom to a big financial services firm. Just to liven up proceedings I did a 4 minute video for his audience.

I was talking about the relationship between online and offline marketing. It's here - and you may find it interesting.

He is in Bangkok today, which reminds me that many years ago I was giving a talk to agency people in that fair city, in which I suggested a recipe for success.

"All you have to do is think of three ideas each morning for any of your clients, then ring them up and tell them. You will be hugely successful."

One of my audience said, "That doesn't sound easy."

"I didn't say it was easy. But it is bloody simple," I replied.

When you listen to Dave you will realise that, yes, you can make a lot of money with no product and no list.

Internet frauds will tell you it's easy. It isn't. But as Dave reveals, it is simple.

To hear the full story, you need to be at EADIM, of course

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