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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Will anyone ever do anything to stop these obscene, wasteful, pointless jamborees

What they say versus what happens:

"Delegates from 190 nations reach a deal to curb climate change, including a fund to help developing countries, at UN talks in Cancun."

What happened: hordes of hypocritical parasites who don't pay income tax (and media drones) wasted an incalculable amount of our money flying to a vulgar holiday resort, being driven to fancy hotels and then talking shit of little or no consequence to each other.

With the help of a willing local hospitality industry many good meals were enjoyed, a fair number of people got drunk, quite a few laid, and some caught interesting social diseases. The usual pious resolution was passed after a series of interminably dull meetings.

Many photos were taken nowhere near the beach; some stultifying dull statements were made for the benefit of the cameras. When shown for a few seconds at the end of the news on TV they were universally ignored by educated people, who know this is all just a sick charade, and poor people who are busy struggling to get by and would (wisely) prefer to watch game shows which at least have winners and losers.

What will happen: The likely rate of climate change will have been increased. Hardly any of the promised money will appear. That which does will almost all be stolen by crooks in Africa, South America, Asia and so on. Nothing that matters will be done.

What should happen. They should just reissue any of the last few resolutions from these events with the names changed. Or ask these people to hold their next jolly at their personal expanse in a Sao Paulo Favela, the outskirts of Lima, a rubbish heap in Jakarta or anywhere ordinary people live in almost any big city in Africa.

And while we're about it the tariffs which prevent poor countries from exporting their produce and encourage rich countries to waste theirs should be dismantled.

While we're on the subject of bullshit, I saw Clinton on TV last night. He's been drafted to try and sell the latest deal to help the rich get richer here. You've got to hand it to him. He really has got the gift of the gab.

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