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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How I saved nigh on £2,500 on THE most important commodity in business - with an opportunity for one person reading this

I've told this story before, but I was reminded because of a favour an old client asked of me.

The most important commodity in your business once you're more than a one man band is people. You can't do it on your own.

Good people are as rare as hen's teeth. I have just found a couple and I'm far happier than if I got a new client. With the right people I can always get clients; the reverse is true to some degree, but not nearly so.

Five years ago I wanted a new PA. My P.A. is my right hand. The recruitment people wanted to charge me something not far short of £2,500.

Even now that they are - in some cases - slashing their usurious rates they are too damn dear for my taste. And none of them know as much about your business as you do.

I ran an ad that cost me £19, took me 20 minutes to write, and got over 80 replies in 24 hours, with a good ten excellent candidates.

Are you wondering what the opportunity is that I mentioned?

No, it is not to come and be sworn at by me (do I detect a sigh of relief?)

It is to work in Bristol for Hargreaves Lansdown, managing their Adwords campaigns. Last year their website had 28,000,000 visits. It is a very important part of the business.

If you are a web whiz or marketer (or you know somebody who is) and have managed PPC campaigns before, please send your CV to Amy Watson (awatson@hl.co.uk).

If you are also a little entrepreneurial, HL usually values that. I can tell you that from working with them since 2005 (but alas no longer ... they don't need me any more.

The full address is on the HL site.

If you want a serious chance of being considered, write about any results you have got for yourself or other clients. HL are, to say the least of it, keen on results.

Do your research. And include testimonials. Good luck – and let me know how you get on.

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