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Sunday, 21 August 2011

What should you invest in now? How about something worth more than gold?

I don’t envy you if you want to invest.

America is broke and getting broker. Europe is in chaos with the weak getting weaker and the strong getting fed-up with supporting them.

Britain is no better, embroiled in wars we can’t afford with a government which promised cuts but keeps spending.

Russia? Would YOU trust Putin? Look what’s happened to people who did.

Do you know what’s really happening in China? No. Nor do I.

No point in keeping it in the bank. The interest rates are a joke, and it shrinks in value every day.
And so on.

I read yesterday an extraordinary statistic: that since Nixon de-linked them in 1971 gold has gone up 50 times representing a 98% loss to the dollar holder.

In the mid ‘70’s a friend persuaded me to buy gold coins. They mysteriously disappeared from my bedroom - I hesitate to say what I suspect - but I wish I’d kept them.

But what if you can’t afford gold? Well, one commodity never goes down in value, no matter what the economy does. I am still making serious money on stock I acquired in 1957 - I have made a point of buying more pretty much every day since.

What’s more, it costs remarkably little to acquire when you compare it with alternatives.

It gives you an unassailable competitive advantage that nobody can take away.

I have set aside a limited stock for you. And the good news is, it costs less than the price of a family vacation.

The return is so good that people who invest in it keep coming back for more*.

You can probably guess what I am suggesting, as I mention it regularly.
You may have thought it makes sense, but not yet decided whether you can spare the time or the money.

Let me ask you: how can you not afford to, when you compare it with alternatives?

When your competitors don't know what they're doing, but you do, believe me, that makes all the difference.

You won't have to worry about "the" economy - if you just concentrate on your economy.

*Two people who invested in it last year are coming back again. One is flying from Australia again because, he said about last year, “By lunchtime on the first day I had got more than my money’s worth.”

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