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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Well, knock me down with a feather, he's at it again! Does the devil have all the best tunes? Plus the world's silliest offer

Yesterday I was on about the floppy-haired wunderkind J. P.Maroney.

He looks impossibly young to be so good. In only a few short weeks he has offered to turn me into a world-class public speaker, stick me in his Genius Incubator and make me a brilliant writer.

Step aside, Mozart, Dickens and Einstein, this THE man.

And as if those prodigies were not enough, in the middle of the night he whacked out another one.

He is so impressed with my progress - even without my having taken any of these astounding no-brains-talent-or-work-needed courses - that he wants to hire me!!!

Yes, gentle reader. I'm about to join the elite! Here it is, word for word. His invitation for this life-transforming and bank account draining opportunity starts

I want to HIRE YOU... [webinar explains all] Then it goes on:


I want to hire you.

My buddies want to hire you.

And, this new webinar on Friday
explains EVERYTHING about this

I'll share "How To Go From ZERO
To $10,000.00 Per Month Online
-- From A Standing Start!"

REGISTER and join me.

12:00 Noon Eastern
11:00 AM Central
10:00 AM Mountain
9:00 AM Pacific

I'll show you how to crank up and
start churning in the cash -- FAST.

So, if you haven't decided on a
specific online business to start
or run then join me on Friday for
this fresh, new webinar.

FACT is...

In most cases I can ONLY teach
something ... but I cannot
guarantee that someone will go out
and succeed.


If you follow my recommendations
in Friday's online workshop ...
I can GUARANTEE without hesitation
that you WILL get customers --

CUSTOMER (how's that for cool)?


What SPARKED this idea:

Another marketer interviewed me
one time and asked me to answer
this question...

"JP, if you suddenly lost your
whole business, your list, your
products, your clients, your
expert status ... and if you had
to start over with NOTHING ...
what would you do to QUICKLY get
up to turning $10,000.00 per month

I'm going to teach you that plan,
in detail on this RARE workshop
on Friday.

I guarantee...

Your life will NEVER be the same




PS: Over the last few years, I've
met a lot of people like you who
are basically starting with
NOTHING, and want to get up and
running making real money online.

They don't have a product, don't
have a list, don't have any real
"sellable" expertise (or at least
they think they don't).

This is ONE OPTION that
practically ANYBODY can do.

It's not some "MAGIC BULLET" that
pours money into your bank account
without you doing any work.

But, if you don't mind working a
little, and following a system,
you can make some SERIOUS CASH --

I'll teach you THE SYSTEM on
Friday -- 12:00 noon eastern.


Well, I was just about to join when I got an even better opportunity from Robert Grant of Crowd Conversion, another of my favourites. This one, full of Oriental Promise, is headed

$150 ninja software for nothing (open up)

I simply had to share this cool valuable free tool with you.

My friend Jonathan over at Heistit.com is letting you "legally steal" his $150 software.

This ninja software bangs out the coolest looking web pages at the click of a button.

Seriously, it's "cut and paste" easy. I wish I could tell you more but you'll have to.

Click Here To Grab This $150 Ninja Software For Free - No Catch, High Value.



Isn't that just awesome, Little Grasshoppers?

And to answer the question about the devil at the top, the answer is, "Very often, yes." You can learn a lot from these guys. The video in Mr. Grant's landing page is brilliant. Have a look. It's got every trick in the book

If for some reason you find yourself sceptical or even wondering why they don't offer to add 4" in to your dong, you can always try the other way to get rich, which is called hard work.

P. S. Maybe you'd be safer watching paint dry. If that appeals, go here http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/884763-first-ever-world-watching-paint-dry-championships-to-be-held-in-uk.

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