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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Help - or maybe not - for all those people who say, "I've always wanted to write"

It have been writing for a living for over 50 years now. Books, scripts, letters, websites, presentations, speeches, commercials, articles - you name it, I've done it, often badly, but usually well enough to get published.

I find it is hard work. If I get to be about one eighth as good as Evelyn Waugh or Elmore Leonard before I croak I'll feel I've done pretty well.

It appears that my time has been wasted, because I just got a message headed "Be An Article King, With No Work..."

Bloody hell! Over half a century of wasted effort!

So I kept reading.

Then a few lines down I read that this can all be done by Mass Article Creator, "the best article writing software on the market, bar none. The output is fantastic, like a pro wrote it by hand."

It seems "This is what creates your articles based on an original (you still have to write that one, or hire a writer, but it’s ONE article).

So it seems it isn't article writing software at all. It just spews the crap out all over the place for you.

Ah well, nose back to the grindstone.

All this misinformation came courtesy of a helpful fellow called Viral Submitter. (I have noticed that many of the people who proffer this advice for believe in miracles tend to have strange names.)

Who falls for it, I wonder? Maybe those who believe what they read in the astrology column or take Brown and Cameron's lies seriously.

There must be a mass audience of halfwits out there. Come to think of it, since many of the population can barely read or write, there probably is.

The only question is, when - if ever - will the internet crooks outnumber the idiots who buy from them?

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