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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Since a few of you asked ... more David Ogilvy CORRECTION

I have very mixed feelings about this, to be honest. The reason is the man in the picture. More about him in a moment.

A week or so ago I mentioned the day I walked into our office in Bombay and suddenly heard David Ogilvy talking about me.

Quite a few of you wanted to see the clip, so I've put it up at www.draytonbirdcommonsense.com/davidogilvy

It's a very brief extract from a training session he was conducting and I plan to put the whole lot up as part of the commonsense programme. It is highly entertaining - and FULL of practical advice about business, especially new business, which he believed was the lifeblood of success.

In the whole video - about an hour long, I think - he refers to two of the people I met in India, one of whom he admired greatly as did I. That man, Mani Ayer, died about 15 days ago. David said he was “the most outstanding individual in the Ogilvy network.”

Mani was a wonderful, inspiring leader - and also very funny, like all the best people (I think). When he ran the Indian agency it was called Ogilvy, Benson and Mather or OBM, which he told me stood for Other Buggers' Money.

He and I had drinks a year or so ago in a London Wine Bar. A great loss, as is Ogilvy.

Anyhow, if you want to see one of these two great man in action, have a look at the clip - www.draytonbirdcommonsense.com/davidogilvy. It's followed by a bit of salesmanship by me -- but whether you want to listen to that is up to you.

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