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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What can you possibly say about this?

There have been many comments and prognostications about the joys of social media.

Like almost every new marketing idea I can recall it has been hailed as the answer to a maiden's prayer. Legions of experts have sprung, full-grown, almost miraculously, from the ground. Somebody has founded a trade association (far too often a bad sign: most appear in my experience to have as their main function providing cushy lives for those who set them up and work in them).

But all this is to me as nothing compared to the fact that I am being followed on twitter by someone called Yeast Quick Cure.

A strange name indeed, and a strange sensation. Is Yeast Quick Cure a male or a female. If the latter, does she have voluptuous curves and a come-hither smile? Will she join the Social Media Chipmunks Association. Might I find myself next to her at the bar during the annual awards night - for there surely will be one?

Where will it all end? Will I be followed by a Chinese Sprocket manufacturer in search of trade or - who knows? - a marketing-mad maker of sanitary pads?

Is this lunacy what the canny inventors of twitter had in mind?

It really is very confusing. And by the way, has it got anything to do with thrush?

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