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Friday, 5 February 2010

What's it like working with Richard Branson? A little video clip tells you

Years ago Richard Branson rang me. I had just written a very rude article about a mailing Virgin Airlines had done jointly with American Express. He rang and left a message giving his number if I wanted to talk about it.

Unfortunately I was on the plane to Sydney at the time, and when I got there I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say anyway. A while later he sent me a nice note about something else I'd written - and that's as far as our relationship went. But I was impressed by his attention to detail - something far too few big business bosses have

I have always regretted this missed opportunity to get to know someone so able and interesting, but later I did become friends with someone - a client actually - who worked with him for years, and who told the delegates at EADIM, my little business school, what it was like.

I was thrilled to realise two things. First, that Richard Branson's approach is a million miles away from all the pretentious MBA waffle and theory that screw up so many businesses. And second that he seems a likable, modest sort of chap.

But why read what I have to say? I am merely the messenger. You can see the man himself, Rowan Gormley, (whose Naked Wines firm shows he is himself no mean entrepreneur) talking about what it was like at http://www.draytonbirdcommonsense.com/rowangormley.

Rowan actually helped Sir Richard start three successful businesses, and I think you'll like his no-nonsense approach. To see him you just have to register - and no, this does not involve parting with any money.

Actually, you will get a cheering little gift from Rowan just for watching the clip. It won't be up for long, as I'm going to put up some more stuff shortly - including something from the David Ogilvy video that I mentioned last week.

So check it out. As you will see, it's not only informative - it's funny. I suspect you'll want to send it on to a few friends. If so, they'll get a cheering little gift, too

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