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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Could this £40,000 disaster change YOUR life? If you think so, I'll pay your travel costs - maybe more

Every year a few people from all over the world spend a little time with me and a few of my friends.

Then they spend the next twelve months picking my brains

Some say the experience literally changes their lives.

One said it was the most valuable thing to happen to him since he learned to read and count. At the time he was the marketing head of a national telecoms firm, but he went away and started a successful marketing agency.

But it all started with a disastrous venture that cost me £40,000 – and probably just as much in wasted work. It was called EADIM. But rather than bore you sick about about it, why don’t you check out a video I made a while ago?

Then if you like the sound of it you can visit a little landing page that tells you more, with lots of comments from people who’ve done the course.

So if you’d you like to know what I know – and learn from the people I most respect, why not look at the video now?

There’s a very good deal for you if you book now. And quite frankly compared to what some people charge for “I’ll make you rich through this magical new formula” events, it’s pretty cheap.

Numbers are, as they always say, limited. In this case it’s true as it takes place in a boutique hotel on Jermyn Street.

Why not look at the video here now?

Then let me know if you’re interested - or if you’re not, for that matter.

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