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Friday, 13 August 2010

"I'm putting you on hold ... ... I'm putting you on hold again... you're through to the wrong department...'

Being old, I read The Oldie - as I have said before here, and one of its best features is the cartoons - this being an example.

But enough levity. Did you know I'm doing a free webinar next Friday on the 10 best ads of the last 10 years?

Go to www.draytonbird.net/bestads and you can arrange to join in the fun and frolics.

The best part of course, as always, will be when I reveal my selections, you disagree and scream abuse at me - and our previously amicable relationship dissolves forever.

Don't blame me if it all ends like that - I won't be able to hear you anyhow. The idea was Marta Caricato's and I have been pretty astonished by how quickly people reacted when we stuck three posts up about it.

Oh, by the way, for those of you who having counted to ten just keep going - and there seem to be quite a few - the last ten years means the last ten years, not the last forty.

Bearing that in mind, please send me your suggested contenders.

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