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Monday, 2 August 2010

Yes! The London Olympics Mascot is a worthy competitor to the hideous logo

After the mugs in charge paid gazillions to some "designers" for the ugliest logo ever I wondered in the odd idle moment if they had anything worse in store.

How cruelly I underestimated their capacity for the third rate! In what one suspects must have been a creative frenzy fuelled by cheap brown ale someone came up with the Olympics mascot.

The copy that describes it is almost beyond the cruellest parody.

"Get into the spirit of the Olympic Games with Wenlock, the official London 2012 Olympic Games Mascot.

Named after Much Wenlock in Shropshire, a town at the heart of the Olympic Movement's history, Wenlock’s most distinctive features are the light on his head that’s inspired by the lights on London’s black taxis and his camera lens eye that captures everything he sees.

Each of the funky bracelets on his wrists matches the colours of the rings on the Olympic Flag and they're friendship bracelets too. This cute mascot will be the perfect way to mark the historical event!"

Not really.

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