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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Masochists! Rally to me ... This could either keep you awake or put you to sleep - it depends

The third How to Write and Persuade is tomorrow at 2 p. m. assuming the webinar people don't screw up again. It comes with two free check-lists - and I'm going to redo the first one, which was out of sync and could be improved anyhow.

In the meantime, how would you like a free basinful of Bird?

Michael Senoff - the very clever man behind Hard-to-Find Seminars - interviewed me ten days ago. How he did it was an object lesson in one of the secrets of success: his research was absolutely impeccable. (Interestingly, someone who was interviewed by Larry King told me he was also superb at research).

You might find the interview entertaining - or then again, a total bore. I actually listened to 15 minutes, and was astounded that in the recording I spent most of the time laughing. Maybe because I could hardly believe how aggressive I was.

It tells you all about how I succeeded very young in the advertising business - and failed repeatedly in direct marketing before finally getting it right.

If you think it's entertaining, it's perfect for listening to in the car. If you find it boring, it's an ideal aid to insomniacs. Just make sure you don't mix up the two. You could fall asleep in the car or stay awake all night.

Have you worked out which result you prefer? Then here's the dreaded link again - and it really is free. http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/Drayton_Bird_Interview.htm. And you won't find me selling you one of those foolproof formulae for making yourself rich on the internet without being able to read or write.

Michael extracts 15 revelations that came to me in the early '60's - what advertising was really like, how I landed my first big job, what a pain in the arse I was - and a whole list of dumb things you should NEVER do if you want to get ahead, straight from the idiot's mouth.

To be honest, you will learn more from what you shouldn't do than what you should. I don''t know if I cover my seven years in the wilderness living under an assumed name but if not you'll have to wait for the second episode.

Have a listen: http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/Drayton_Bird_Interview.htm. Tell me what you think.

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