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Saturday, 14 August 2010

A lunatic invitation - plus an interview you might enjoy

I don't wish to mock the afflicted, and I am sure it was well-meant, but I was just invited to join a group - I'm quoting here - "where you disconnect from all stress, strain and struggle and connect to your greater self with processes, support and mental tools that will mafiest desires!"

"Mafiest"? Setting aside whether it will teach you to spell, almost every word of this invitation is meaningless new age bollocks, and anyhow, my beloved and I will disconnect from whatever ails us at 2.30 this afternoon by meeting two friends and having a spot to eat and some beers at the Pig's Ear in Old Church Street round the corner.

However, if you'd like to connect with my fatuous self you might like an interview Michael Senoff just released: http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/Drayton_Bird_Interview.htm

It must be quite good because already over 3,500 people have tuned in - with some nice comments.

I must apologise: it won't tell you how to get rich, but let's face it, any number of bullshitters will tell you what a doddle that is.

What it will tell you is any number of ways to avoid going broke, because the first half is mostly about the schoolboy business mistakes that stopped me getting rich when I was young. That should help you avoid some ghastly errors. The second is mostly about David Ogilvy during the period when I worked with him. You may find that illuminating, too.

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