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Friday, 3 September 2010

There were these two guys in a bar ... plus a little music for you

If you're interested in little details of marketing archeology, you may find this interesting.

It's a three generations and a barmaid picture.

I have mentioned the setting before - a bar in Chicago's South Side.

The distinguished gentlemen next to the old fart on the right is Perry Marshall - perhaps the world's most highly regarded commentator and teacher on Adwords and related subjects.

Ken McCarthy took it the evening after Perry and I had joined him at The System event in Chicago.

Why three generations? Well, Ken was inspired to get into direct marketing after reading my Commonsense book in the New York Public Library quite a few years ago, and Perry was one of Ken's students when he started running The System.

So in a weird way, I am two generations older than Perry. If you'd like to see us both together talking about an extraordinary concept of Perry's called The Swiss Army Knife, go here: www.perrymarshall.com/uk. This is a remarkably perceptive idea that could transform your success rate on the internet.

I'm writing this in Brooklyn, where I arrived last night to visit my latest grandson, Rowan.

On Monday I shall be seeing someone else whose career I once helped a little. He is now the worldwide head of Ogilvy One. More about that later.

Perry, Ken and I were in that bar to see the astonishing Von Freeman, one of the last remaining tenor sax players from a golden era. And coincidentally the highlight of my stay here this time has been the release of my 14 year old daughter's first ever single.

14 year old? Yes. And yes, she does sing in tune. And yes it is very professional.

If you don't like the music just watch the intro and close video she does. I have never told her a thing about online marketing or presentation, but she seems to know more about it than quite a few large corporations I can mention.

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