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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Why aren’t you rich yet? A minor mystery. And can you advise me?

Did you know that new research reveals that the best exam results are in countries where they pay teachers most?

This may explain a few things.

In the U.K. and U.S. where public schools teachers are badly paid a depressing number of kids who leave school can't read and write properly. Conversely, in private schools where they are better paid, they come out literate and numerate.

But here's a strange paradox.

The teachers in the "I'll Make You Rich" educational field make fortunes. Yet as far as I can see very few of the students do well. Why is this?

That thought started because Rogerio Madureiro from Brazil asked me which of four different online sales methods worked best.

I answered by saying that the method is not the critical factor. The appeal of what you sell tends to be most important.

But he obviously follows a few of the money-making experts, so I also said:

There are many people telling you how to get rich.

If you take their courses, the question is, is it working? Are you getting rich? If not, why not?

This question can produce all kinds of answers but many start with "No, I am not getting rich".

And they tend to include any one or all of these four:

1. Because there is no foolproof system. These people are crooks.

2. Because if there is a system it's not as easy as they say.

3. Because I don't actually do what they tell me.

4. Because I take several courses and don't focus.

Some people call this field Info-Marketing when Misinfo-Marketing often seems more accurate.

But people feel so strongly about being their own bosses and not being told what do that they simply ignore the hard work necessary.

My partner Al does follow one expert. Al is smart, and a very good salesmen, copywriter and thinker. It still takes him weeks, even months to get one serious project going.

I hope what you read next doesn't make me sound like a miserable old sod with a bad case of sour grapes, but it has been on my mind for a while.

People are constantly quoting two copywriters to me. Both do very well. One is American, the other English. The English one has copied the American one and imported it here, very successfully.

The American is an excellent writer; the other - though he claims to be - is not: he pays others to write his copy, including one of my associates a few times.

But what irks me? Not that these people make lots of money. Money will not buy you love, looks, taste, wit or happiness.

It is that for the life of me I can't see what they know how to sell except themselves. I don't know what clients they've worked for. Who have they worked their magic for? One of the two has never sold anything but himself.

Would you learn to drive from someone who can't drive? It's all a mystery - and here's another.

Can you help, please?

You may never want to hear or see me again, but if you do, you can help me with a little quandary.

Last year I did two public seminars here besides EADIM. One in branding and one on copy.

This year I would like to do two more. I had planned one in Spain, which drew lots of interest - but no real takers.

I am now thinking of three subjects.

A. Integrated marketing, with an emphasis on direct and digital. If you don't know how to use the various marketing weapons you really are not much more than an amateur. I am doing a private course on this for the Marketing Agencies Association this week. Would this interest you?
B. Copy - again, but with some new material (yes, I write copy every day). I know this interests many of you. It is what I know best. But how many of you does it really interest?
C. EADIM Lite. One day on Direct and Interactive. This is an extended version of the talk I give at EADIM, but just me for masochists only.

If any or more than one of these seriously interests you, can you email me - Drayton@DraytonBird.com - and say which and in which order of priority.

People often ask when I will do something in the US. The answer is, as soon as I can get at least 50 people to turn up and pay :-).

All the best - and thanks for helping.


P.S. In case you're wondering, the picture is of Will Hay, a famous comedian when I was young. And I actually went to a school where the teachers wore those mortarboards every day.

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