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Friday, 11 April 2008

God bless the Archbishop of York - and give the one in a Canterbury a good kicking

I confess that for many years I used to dismiss Christian dogma by saying that God is either all powerful or benevolent, because so many nasty things happen in the world that he can’t be both.

However I do applaud the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, every time I read about him. Unlike the cowardly wretches who run this country he has always spoken out against Mugabe. And now I see he is about to take his first parachute jump at the age of 58 to help raise money for the families of soldiers in Afghanistan.

It seems to me that although born in Uganda he is infinitely closer to what people here care about than most of the people in power - and certainly more than the fool in Canterbury who thinks we would benefit from Sharia law. If we could get that man to convert to Islam he would probably deal a blow to that faith it would take decades to recover from.

Revealing, too, that while Sentamu does something we can all relate to, Gordon Brown raises tax on the poorest people in Britain - and goes on American Idol with his usual shark-like approximation to a smile to raise money for mosquito nets. It’s a very good cause, Gordon, but do the people in Liverpool give a toss?

Which reminds me, when will British politicians stop dreaming the world gives a shit about their opinions and sort out the mess here?

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