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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

This gave me a laugh before I shook with rage

I don’t know whether you noticed, but almost every time in people are asked in those dopey quizzes what they find most attractive in other people, a sense of humour comes top.

So Marc Howells, head of Barclaycard in Europe must have been getting a lot more than his fair share. A while ago he reported quarterly figures in a staff meeting by saying: "The results were like Muslims - some were good, some were Shiite".

This admirable man, who genuinely deserves to have sex objects clambering all over him all day was reported to the Obergruppenfuhrer in charge of bollocks by some odious creep who probably hasn’t been laid in ten years - and sacked, when he should have been promoted six layers at least.

Then another sexually disadvantaged buffoon at Barclaycard said, "We have a robust approach to equality and diversity and do not tolerate discrimination." Sad twat.

I found this at an excellent website – The Chap Magazine. Go to http://www.thechap.net/content/section_news/pcworld.html for more bizarre examples of PC stupidity, and a hysterical comparison of Mugabe with A. Hitler on hirsute grounds.

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