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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Misunderstanding, or Love's Sacrifices. Act 1, Scene 1, The Jowls household

Enter left, with Mediterranean tan, smirking, bearing a plastic bag full of souvenirs of Italy, Mr. Jowls:

"Guess what I found quite by accident in the toilets at Silvio's?"

Mrs. Jowles: "What is it, my masterful legal wizard."

Mr. Jowles: "It's £350,000. He won't miss it."

Mrs. Jowles:
"Why, fancy that! Now I can stop worying about the mortgage and get on with my latest masterly wheeze. "

Mr. Jowles: "What is that, my pulchritudinous little political petal?"

Mrs. Jowles: "To end sexual bias in the Olympics! Why should the men just box other men? Why can't women join in?"

Mr. Jowles
: "Brilliant! Er ... shalll I make myself scarce for a bit? People might ask how I happened to find this dosh."

Mrs. Jowles: "What dosh was that then?"

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