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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Well, well. Out plops another turd from the greatest of all the banking arseholes

Some readers may feel I am a little excessive in my comments about bankers, but it is quite impossible to be too excessive about their antics.

Just when you think nobody, no matter how contemptible, greedy, stupid, conceited, self-centred or useless could be that bad ... along comes another revelation.

I think we are generally agreed, are we not, that of the whole sorry pack the worst must be “Sir” Fred Goodwin? (If the Great Bloated Haggis offers you a knighthood, ask what you’ve done wrong.)

Besides having an appalling haircut, he was not only the least competent of the lot but the most unpleasant, gleefully firing lots of people not one of whom, no matter how stupid, could have done as much damage as he managed.

And now I read that just before he scuttled off into an richly deserved but unearned, wildly overfunded retirement he was busy pissing away millions hiring people like Zara Phillips (good on horses, not famous for financial acumen) and Jack Niklaus (great on courses, not known as an investment expert) as “ambassadors” for his “brand”.

One of the first useful words my Italian partner taught me was “stronzo” which means “piece of shit”.

Even the smallest piece of shit will help you grow things, not destroy them.

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