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Monday, 7 December 2009

Cherie "never stops worrying about money". Where it came from? The Bliar's ingenious tax arrangements? What?

The Bliar's friend Berlusconi was, as all the world knows, funded by the Mafia, employed at least one Mafioso killer, works hard to frustrate the astonishingly courageous work of the Italian magistracy to fight the Mafia and only stays out of jail by changing the law at regular intervals.

Of course, he is not as responsible for as many widows and orphans as his friend the Bliar, but I wonder what they used to talk about when Tony and Cherie stayed with him? Tax evasion? The Guardian - not exactly a right wing rag - has offered a prize to anyone who can fathom the "byzantine" tax arrangements of the man who did so much, so quickly to destroy our society.

Would a Tory government be any better? Lord Ashcroft, the party's chairman, pays no tax here - Cameron says it's nothing to do with him.. "Zac" Goldsmith, another Cameron crony, has also managed to keep the millions he never earned out of the country. George Osborne, the cupid-lipped sweetie who would be in charge of money if Cameron got his hands on the country got us to to fund his big house.

And the unspeakably vulgar, slimy Bercow's first act as a "clean hands" Speaker in Parliament was to piss away £45,000 of our money tarting up his residence.

What a shameless bunch of hypocritical creeps we have allowed to run things here. Anyhow, what kind of fucking name is "Zac"?

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