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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Is there a greater curse than fanatical religion? I sometimes wonder

The greatest pain for me in the last few days has been a plague of spam.

Recently a few people have had their messages to me bounce, so one theory was that this was caused by the Spam filter, which was reset to let everything come through.

I don't think it's solved the problem, to be honest, but I am mystified by a couple of things. First, there seems to be an obsession with "designer" watches; and second nobody offers to lengthen my penis any more. This is a sad state of affairs. Do these people know something about my sex life that I don't?

My son Nick who is next to me just asked, "What sex life was that, then? Anyhow I get exactly the same e-mails. I wouldn't mind, but most of them are from my girlfriend."

But these are petty problems indeed compared with what happened to the two Shiite pilgrims and eight bystanders killed in a roadside bombing in Baghdad on Saturday afternoon.

Whose God was pleased by that, do you suppose?

Which reminds me that the man who finally ended the great Global Warming Pantomime in Copenhagen by comparing the proposed plan to the Holocaust was a Sudanese. We English are supposed to be masters of the hypocritical, but some of these shameless bastards leave us in the shade. He represents a murderous regime that has been conducting its own little holocaust for years, slaughtering Christians by the thousands.

The sad thing is that the evil wretch has a point. It must be very hard for the U.S. , which guzzles more fuel and creates more pollution than anyone on the planet to tell others what to do. Nor have us Brits done much of a job, for that matter, despite the Great Posing Toad's bullshitting on the subject.

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