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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The unexpected joys of Spam ... now that's what I call a pair of kneecaps

I think I mentioned the other day that Steve, who arranges these matters for me, has reset our thing-a-me-bob machine to allow a deluge of spam to come flooding in. This makes life pretty tedious, but there are small compensations in some of the messages.

Now I have to confess having spent many a day, night, week, month and year in dedicated search and reverie related to bizarre sexual frolics of one kind another.

For the most part my time was wasted, which is probably just as well. All the same,I believe I have developed as vivid an imagination as anyone about the esoteric side of these matters. Nevertheless, nothing in my wildest dreams can cope with the picture conjured up by something that came whizzing my way an hour or so ago.

Its subject line read "Ebony Girl With Big Booty On Her Knees". How the hell can the poor girl walk without falling over? And if you wanted to get friendly with her, where exactly would you find the right opening?

It really makes me wish I had paid more attention in my anatomy lessons all those years ago.

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