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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New York, New York ... well, Brooklyn, actually. And are you being ripped off?

This is here just because it's a good shot of two shits. The one on the left is Alistair Campbell, Spin-Meister in Chief to the grinning slime-bag on the right. I'll come to him in a moment.

Anyhow, I'm here staying with my eldest in Brooklyn - for my youngest's birthday - and to do a little business re the launch of The Great Guinea Pig venture.

It's freezing, plus dat ole jetlag got me in its spell, so I woke at 5 am ... to read an alarming report from Denny Hatch about a massive internet scam.

Go and look! http://www.targetmarketingmag.com/newsletter/bcs. Then check your credit card statements. I am always astounded at how much good research Denny does. Compared to him I'm a slapdash oaf.

Talking about shits, will the Bliar ever be brought to justice?

Sir John Scarlett who was the intelligence boss at the time - and had the grace to look guilty himself yesterday - says The Grinning Turd's claim that spies had 'established beyond doubt' that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction was 'quite separate from the text of the dossier itself' and that he 'sexed up' the strength of the intelligence with an 'overtly political' foreword making the case for war.

What came out of this? Well, £15 million and counting for Tone and Cherie. Countless thousands dead, troops betrayed by general incompetence and the Monstrous Toad's unwillingness to spend money on what was needed - as opposed to what is not. Also counting.

The shamelessness of these wretches almost defies belief. In earlier times they would have been beheaded. Now they get paid squillions for autobiographies, lectures, consultancies and so on. Mind you, the Turd's autobiography will be filed under Fiction in the Obscene Publications section

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