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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A typical example of Marketing Dross, clearly written by a corpse

Every day we are all subjected to small irritations ... like my bloody Drayton Bird Learning site which would have me tearing my hair out if I had any left.

They don't really matter that much. They're just needless and a waste.

Like the dreary email I got today from the semi-literate person who is, when not making tea, amazingly paid to write the messages that sell railway tickets,

It read:

Dear Mr Bird, go further with your Senior Railcard.

Get into the festive spirit this year with a trip to one of many Christmas markets using your Railcard. As well as finding some unique presents, you'll be able to listen to carols, roast some chestnuts and sample some delicious mulled wine.

Alternatively take a winter walk and discover some of our beautiful countryside.

With the 1/3 of all Standard and First Class rail fares - including Advance fares, you can afford to treat yourself this Christmas.

I appreciate this is one of the bi-products of the great Bliar's commitment to "education, education, education". It didn't make me throw up - just cast a pall on my life for a few seconds, just as every sight of words like " iconic", "robust", "holistic"," strategic" and "vision" do.

And goodness knows it's not a big deal compared with the misery we'll all face in the years ahead because of the despicable reptiles who run the banks and our lives - but if you're going to do a job, why not do it properly?

I have found that rewriting little messages like that can actually double sales ... thus, in the end, getting more out of the money spent on marketing ... and, I suppose, keeping those fares down.

These are small things, rather like cleaning toilets, that nobody thinks about, do they?

But they matter. Because if you get the small things right, you may just - barely - have a chance of sorting out the big ones.

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