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Monday, 19 October 2009

The mole speaks out about Billy and the Morons...

My well-placed mole (who is not a Tory politician - he writes too well) says this:

Billy and around 420,000 others (past and present employees of the Royal Mail) are currently around £8 billion to £10 billion quid short on their pensions, sums which would probably make even 'Sir' Fred Goodwin reach for the decanter of 50 year old malt and think about quietly toeing the line for a while.

Not our posties though. The only way that debt is going to get paid is if you and I and few million other mugs still paying their taxes chip in and pay it off for them. If they're lucky then Lord Mandelson of Transylvania will cut some deal that bails the ungrateful tossers out, passing the piss-takingly large deficit on to you and me and handing the dysfunctional business over to some outfit from Latvia who like as not will actually do a better job with it.

Maybe they won't get lucky though. There's an election coming and I don't think little Lord Fauntleroy Cameron will be quite so sympathetic to their plight and let's face it, if it came to a popularity contest, right now I reckon even Arthur Scargill would measure up well against our posties.

For sheer destructive idiocy they are the financial equivalent of suicide bombers; hell-bent on blowing up their jobs and taking as many of our businesses down with them as they can. At least the suicide bombers wouldn't have the chutzpah to ask us to bail out their pensions.

NOTE: Chutzpah. A Yiddish word best explained by the story of the man who murdered his parents and said to the judge, "How can you prosecute an orphan?"

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