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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Congratulations or kicks in the teeth? What do you think these bozos deserve?

My friend Michael Rhodes tells me the leading US internet retailers sent 12% more marketing emails in 2009 than they did the year before, at an average of 132 emails to each subscriber, according to a new analysis by Smith-Harmon.

Now, ask yourself. Is that good? What should you conclude?

Should you say, "Wow, these guys are really getting to grips with the internet?" Or, "Stupid bastards. Who wants to hear from a bloody shop nearly 3 times a week? Doesn't life have more to offer?"

I know what I think.

It's just like the way TV spots in the US drive you mad with endless, dreary, boring repetition. Quantity will never beat quality. As my old boss said (better than anyone else, as usual) "You cannot bore people into buying".

He also said that nobody should ever write advertising copy until they have spent two years doing direct response. I did it the other way round; I was an advertising creative director before I really got to grips with direct marketing.

When I did I learned one thing these buggers don't know: that people's attention and reponse to messages decreases VERY fast with repetition. Rosser Reeves, only begetter of the USP, wrote about this in "Reality in Advertising". But most of these advertising bozos don't read books. They practice with other people's money.

When will they ever learn?

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