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Thursday, 14 January 2010

File under "fancy that" - news from the planet jargon

Want to see the trivial exalted to the point of lunacy? Read this:

"Your business card is a vital part of your brand armoury. It has to do both an instant job in telling your new potential life-changing encounter about you, how you can make a difference, and ideally any future aspirations - and also be a legacy item, to live on without you, weeks, months and even years after the encounter." - Andy Green, "Effective Personal Communications".

Life-changing? Legacy item? Calm down, dear, don't get too excited. It's a little piece of card, not a heavenly visitation.

After which eruption of super-jargon, back to the real world of marketing. Being unable to deliver any life changing encounters and very busy spreading the Gospel, this year I only want 4 new serious clients.

If you want results without the hassle, and with a fair few laughs let me know what ails you. We're not too hot on the business card front, though.

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