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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A little taste of heaven for corporate coprophiles. Or are your turds granular, baby?

Lester Wunderman is the man who coined the phrase Direct Marketing - a very wise man and a pretty good writer.

I imagine he would throw up if he saw the following ripe sample of corporate horseshit which emerged from the reeking fundament of the agency that traduces his good name.

Anyhow, here goes - sick bags at the ready

Search, Social, Mobile and Lady Gaga are all integral parts of a “new normal” for marketers spawned by the recession.

Wunderman chairman and CEO Daniel Morel told the audience at Microsoft’s Annual Marketing Summit that the new normal is about messaging that focuses more on substance than flash and on tools that deliver an unprecedented granularity that enable us connect locally in cost effective and authentic ways.

He talked about the roles of Search and Social and how the battle raging between Google and Facebook is not just a battle for big brand marketing dollars but for Internet control and domination. He also talked about the impact of the convergence of the two… the role of data … and how Mobile changes everything.

If there were a Pseud's Corner for marketers that would be a perfect candidate. Unfortunately, no corner could ever be vast enough to encompass the amount of pretentious tripe the industry spews out.

Almost as interesting is the fact that anyone even vaguely familiar with what has been happening recently - even an old dinosaur like me - knows that beneath the silly jargon there is nothing, absolutely nothing, even vaguely original.

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