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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Who is the odd man out - and more important - WHY? Plus a relevant free webinar

My old pal Glenmore sent me this.

One of these people is different from the others in many important respects.

Lord Stevenson: former chairman,

Sir Fred Goodwin: former chief executive,

Hornby: former chief executive, HBOS

Sir Tom
McKillop: former chairman, RBS

McFall MP: chairman of Treasury Select Committee

Alastair Darling: Chancellor of the Exchequer

Gordon Brown: Prime Minister and former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Sir Terry
Wogan: former presenter of Radio 2's Breakfast Show

It's not hard to guess that the answer is Sir Terry

He's liked. He was excellent at his job. He's honest. He's charming and funny. Everyone missed him when he quit.

But what is REALLY interesting is that he is the only one of this bunch of shits, chancers and no-hopers who holds ANY formal banking qualification.

By the way, I see Cameron's lead over Brown has dwindled to 2 points.

Whilst it is true that Gordon Brown is the most disastrous economic manager I can recall, he is blessed with the worst possible opposition.

Now they have called in M & C Saatchi to solve the problem.

Hmm. I suspect a letter to every household pointing out the economic and social consequences of 13 years of Blair-Brown - and would you like another helping? - might do the trick.

Cameron seems to operate on the basis that every voter is a halfwit. I mean does it really alarm YOU that drunks are going to have to pay more for White Lightning cider? Do I give a shit that he's able to produce a baby if that seems his only productive attribute?

Aren't you a little more concerned that half your likely pension has been stolen and invested in a public sector which has increased by 26% - and still does a shit job?

Aren't you a little more bothered that your household owes £47,000 to pay for the rogues' pensions?

Don't you worry about about the current - and promised spate of strikes? Do you really want a man in charge again who, for sheer blatant dishonesty is only outdone by his immediate predecessor?

Those are the sort of arguments that may, just may, strike a chord. They'll do better than slick ads, I suspect.

Next Wednesday at 3.00 p.m I'll be running a free webinar analysing just such a letter I wrote for John Major's lot, which assumed that voters are not idiots and did the trick.

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