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Monday, 22 March 2010

What I told Julie about how to get ahead - it may help someone you know

I get a lot of requests for advice, and try to answer all of them.

It always makes me feel good when people come back and tell me what happened - which Julie in Australia did.

She said, "You gave me some good advice about 12 months ago regarding my career and you opened doors".

So what advice did I give? It was very brief, and read:

"During the few years when I was employable (I was an incorrigible rebel) I decided I should only work for two kinds of company:

1. Those that are so good you are bound to learn something and meet the right kind of colleague.

2. Those that are desperate for help, know they need it,and will pay you very well for giving it.

My old boss David Ogilvy always said "When you are young, what you learn is more important than what you earn."

Therefore, look for companies whose marketing you admire - be they agency or marketer - and do a little research on them, then try and find out what they're like to work for.

By the way, I am old, and I still think what I learn matters more than anything else."

What is interesting is that Julie didn't go for a new job. She decided to study - and enjoyed it. Me too.

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