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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

An apology to Chris Newton - and the answer to a question about copy length that you may have asked yourself

I'm afraid I was not at my best and brightest yesterday.

Besides my usual slapdash approach to things I had advanced jet-lag after getting off the plane from New York and going straight to the office, so as a result I re-christened Chris Newton Dave. Sorry, Chris.

This morning I got a question (and a welcome compliment) from Deirdre O'Kane in Ireland who gets my helpful ideas. She wrote:

Thank you so much for the ideas. They are terrific. Some of what you propose, I was already doing, but honestly, I had never analysed WHY those ideas worked. And on particular campaigns when I have tried to be too bloody clever by half and been much less successful, I hadn’t identified the reason. I look forward to learning a great deal more.

I’m quite sure you don’t have time to read all the responses you must get, but I have one question (well actually, lots but I won’t push it!) : if I write a sales letter that is designed to be followed up by a sales call, it works to keep it very short and attention grabbing. In fact, it seems to be more effective than a longer pitch. Is that your experience or have I just been dealing with very good telephone sales reps who have made the sale regardless of the length of my sales letter?

People are often pretty surprised that I do try to read and reply to every message. I miss a few, but I just think auto-responders lack a certain charm.

This was my reply to Deirdre's question:

"The shorter copy will usually get more, but less qualified leads. And vice versa. Sales people often prefer the former; more to go at.

Incidentally, I am coming to Ireland to speak to a load of accountants later this year."

NOTE "How to write proper" webinar series. This should start this coming Friday, technology permitting.

Besides talking about how to manage your time and what makes for better writing I will include an analysis of a letter and ad I wrote for a top business school which sold a previously unsaleable seminar aimed at some of the world's leading executives.

The cost will be £39 for each of 3 webinars, or £100 for all three. If you have already expressed interest, you will get a message about where to park your money shortly.

If you haven't, forget all those lies the internet conmen tell you about limited numbers. The more the merrier. I still have to recover from my last divorce.


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