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Thursday, 29 July 2010

How three little tweaks that took a few minutes increased profit 973%. Hard to believe, but true

Not long ago I did lots of short videos featuring wonderful, fabulous M-E-E-E-E-E ... and one very long one of my partner Al, who's put up with my quibbles, tantrums and peskiness for 8 years.

The one featuring him was the best. It's here
. If you can bear to watch about 10 minutes (most people now have the attention span of goldfish) they could be the most profitable 10 minutes you spend this year.

The graph and figures I've illustrated show you one of his little conjuring tricks. You can see how three very small changes lowered the cost of conversions for one client - a world-famous name - from £225.16 to £2.73.

It took Al less than an hour's study to spot this, and just a few minutes to carry it out. Their Google "experts" hadn't suggested it. Nor had their well-paid in-house guy.

This was not a one-off. Another client who sold loans off-loaded their business to a big fat bank for tens of millions partly because of my copy but also because of one tiny change to their application form that Al suggested which increased applications from 2.2% to 4.7% without adding a word or a syllable.

Unfortunately God created only one Al, and only 24 hours in the day, so I don't promote his skills much. However, today I hired someone to take some of the grunt work away from him (like spending a day on the phone to some people in a mysterious land about our bloody affiliate links) so he can do stuff that really matters.

His magic is mostly but not entirely to do with AdWords, though he is an uncannily good judge of copy. But he does for thousands what agencies with fancy glass offices charge big fat stupid corporates tens of thousands for.

With a little help and the odd nudge from me, he does three things.

1. He gets you a whole lot more enquiries.
2. He shows you how to convert more of them into sales.
3. He usually saves you a ton of money as well. And of course anybody who can put up with my nagging for 8 years is an angel.

So if you want to get markedly better results on line, just email me, Drayton@draytonbird.com, with one word "Al".

If I were you I'd do it now, the minute you finish reading this. Al and I can only take on 3 new clients at the moment.

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