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Friday, 2 July 2010

Are you a bunch of masochists, or what? And when is anonymous not anonymous?

Things happen so fast that I can barely remember what I had for dinner last night.

But if you cast your mind back, I put out a survey a few days ago asking what interests you - besides how to write better (The first webinar for that is drafted - it'll last about 30 minutes .)

At the last minute I added one question to the survey: would you like to spend 3 days with me? The last person I said that to slapped my face, but these were the results.

I was astounded. Most people will pay good money to avoid being with me, but it seems 63% of you like the idea. I empathise with the 37% who don't: I find myself terminally boring - but wonder how the hell 37 + 63 = 96.46. Isn't research wonderful?

Before we go any further, I promised the survey would be anonymous ... then the people who ran it insisted on having your email addresses. Crazy!

But don't worry: the replies are not linked to the names - it really is anonymous. So the unkind person who said I'm a dreary old creep can relax and stop worrying - and any of you who do join me can find out if it's true.

Saying you'd like to do something and paying for it are very different, so let me tell you a little more.

Every year I run a marketing business school called EADIM - The European Academy of Direct & Interactive Marketing.

This kicks off with a residential seminar in a very beautiful boutique hotel in London, followed by a year's webinars. Previously the residential part has lasted a week, but people find it hard to get away for that long. This year it will be just 3 days - and I may offer one day options for people who get bored quickly.

I speak for about half the time, but I have guests, so you're not stuck with me incessantly. No bores are allowed. And nobody sells you anything. My guests are:

1. People I respect and often admire.

2. Entertaining (sometimes hilarious).

3. People who tell you simple things you can do immediately to make more money.

The cost is £2,000. Work that out in $ if you can!

If you are among the first 30 to book for the 3 days, I will either a) pay your air fare up to $700 or b) give you an equivalent early bird discount

I will probably ( but not definitely) offer single days at £695 each.

Included in the price is one year's webinars, usually costing $1,164, and if you want an academic qualification, you can take an exam at the end that gives you a certificate.

Speakers are not finalised yet, but acceptances so far include:

Howie Jacobson, author of Adwords for Dummies,

Steve Harrison - the world's most awarded direct marketing creative director

Ben Moskel, who makes obscene amounts of money out of affiliate marketing and explains how he does it so clearly that even I understand.

Martin Chilcott - a former client of mine at American Express, who's laugh-out-loud-funny about understanding customers.

Yesterday my friend Ken McCarthy, the Godfather of Internet marketing education, said he will be there if he can (he was last year) but he's a bit "crook" at the moment, as they say in Australia.

WARNING: I've been busier than a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest this year, so if you go to the EADIM site it will give you an idea - but is not really accurate. The one thing I will tell you is that so far we've had more testimonials than attendees - another mathematical mystery.

Let me know if you like the idea now you know it's not free! Just whiz back the usual e-mail to drayton@draytonbird.com saying "Interested" and I'll keep you informed.

In two or three days an accurate site will be up. The venue is a boutique hotel - very small numbers.

Don't expect any more discounts. This is already absurdly underpriced because I'm a commercial idiot (as you will realise by adding things up!)

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