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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Was my client right to scold me? You decide.

Yesterday one of my favourite clients rang me and askd me a question.

"How long have you been giving me advice, Drayton?"

"Eight or nine years."

"Have I ever given you any advice?"

"Er ... no."

"Well I am now. You are seriously undervaluing those writing webinars."

Well gentle readers, please don't assume this is a highly unsubtle way of telling you the damn webinars are the grestest deal since free wine at one of the Emperor Nero's more imaginative orgies.

I'm just telling you what the man said, and since he runs webinars himself, who knows? - he may be right.

Anyhow you can decide for yourself (assuming you want to write stuff that persuades and you don't just come here for the bad jokes).

Just go here and sign up. There's a money-back guarantee.

In the first webinar, which lasts just under an hour, I will:

Why not
sign up now?

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