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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Did this save a football club? I think so - but I'm not sure

I'm working on the next writing webinar - and thanks for all the kind comments.

To join me justplay this video.

Just to tell you what it's all about ...

Getting started is the biggest nightmare, so I shall give you 20 helpful ideas for beginnings, plus some of the brilliant letter openings by my late friend Bill Jayme.

Bill was widely seen as the best direct mail writer in the world - and was certainly the wittiest and most civilised. He and his partner Heikki also gave me the perhaps worst hangover I ever had (among stiff competition) last time I saw him in his beautiful house on the Russian Steps in San Francisco.

When Bill and Heikki retired they were charging $20,000 - $40,000 a direct mail pack - equal to at least 3 times as much now - I guess. They had a queue 18 months long and clients had to come to them - not the other way round. He was very kind to me, and really kick-started my speaking career.

I shall also take apart one of two letters I wrote for the Arsenal Supporters Trust to prevent the club being taken over
by a dodgy Russian billionaire (is there any other kind?).

This letter doubled their membership - then I wrote another, which I have already dissected for subscribers to my
Commonsense programme.

They may have helped save the club. To be honest I haven't kept track, but they certainly helped for a few years. Funny thing is, I did them for nothing.
And during the webinarI shall answer a question one subscriber asked about how to make sure your copy flows logically.

I hope you can join me.

Here's how to do so (and save £18).

Here's the link!

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