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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Best joke of the day from slime-bag Vaz and not-as-good-as-a-wank Jacqui

I read this morning a funny piece about a crook called Keith Vaz.

("Crook" is a euphemism often used here when we mean "Member of Parliament").

Anyhow, the reptile Vaz, who ripped us all off for over £75,500 for a flat in Westminster although his home is a £1.15 million house 12 miles from Parliament, was shooting his mouth off about knife crime - probably in the hope people might forget his own crime.

This made a pleasant change, though, because Vaz's normal racket is race relations. But in this case he was deploring the way the courts don't send kids who get caught with knives to jail. "Jacqui" Smith the porky wag posing as a Home Secretary responded - as you would expect - with a lie, saying that "through tougher sentencing we are carrying out a clear message".

This was as though the vapid trollop didn't hear what Vaz said, but then it's an old pol's trick to answer a different question to the one asked or simply ignore it.

That being said, first I wondered why all these useless shits speak in cliches - poverty of language indicates poverty of ideas. Then I thought, "Good thinking, Porky! Can I visit you in jail? Will being there for a few weeks 'carry out a message'?"

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