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Sunday, 28 June 2009

A good epigraph for Michael J

I see that, just as I feared, mass hysteria rules over Michael Jackson.

The politicians, as usual, sought publicity. Jesse Jackson* whizzed off to get his picture taken, hotly followed by Al Sharpton*, who makes him look the epitome of honesty and moderation. Oily Cameron and Useless Brown sought to exploit it. Idiots compared him with Mozart.

All this excess, to me, diminishes and trivialises his death.

My friend Mike Anderson sent me this, by a poet I had never heard of - Constance Urdang - which I thought put him more in context:

He thought it was Eden - but it was the world.
And so, until it was too late, ignored the lucid glass that sealed the windows hard.
Even forgot to pronounce the "word".

But at the end, when the sky hurled boomerangs at him
And the thunder roared at him with one terrible and final chord -
He knew at last that he had not been spared.
Ran screaming from the mirror - and was mad.

* If you're ever at a loss as to how to make a living, get into the Reverend business - another good example is Ian Paisley, who has a bogus degree from a phoney U.S. University.

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