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Friday, 19 June 2009

Free drinks, no admission fee ... and you really COULD win that £2,500 masterpiece

I was so busy fulminating about general roguery this morning that I forgot to remind you that:

1. You don't have to pay to get in to see Mark Eurich performing live tonight and tomorrow (some people asked if there was an admission fee).

2. You get free drinks ... but don't make a pig of yourself. That's my speciality.

3. You have a REAL chance of winning the painting (which really was priced at £2,500 in a London gallery) as there won't be thousands or even hundreds there. Us cultured folk are few, but infinitely superior.

4. Another date has been fixed for the following Saturday.

5. It's in a lovely spot only an hour from London.

6. You could shake the hand that shook the hand of the world's most expensive footballer.

7. The only risk is that you might end up shaking mine, too, as I'll be there tomorrow

The paintings on show cost between approximately £450 and £5000.

It's all happening near the village of Mayfield - about 8 miles south of Tunbridge Wells at:

Hen On The Gate Barn, Mayfield Road (A267), Five Ashes, E. Sussex TN20 6HL. If you'd like to know how you get there see the map. It really is a lovely part of the country.

View Larger Map

The exhibition is also open on Sunday 21 June between 11 and 6pm.

If you can't make it, Kay will be keeping the exhibition up for a further week for private viewings by appointment. If this suits you better please contact her:

Kay Jones on 01892 852394, or 07868 306315 or email kay@theoneweekartshow.com

By the way, the masterpiece really is worth £2500 - it was priced at that in the previous gallery. Honest...swear on Michaelangelo's grave...

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