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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Three Gold Stars for unabashed hypocrisy, Darling

It seems that on Wednesday, our Chancellor of the Exchequer, with the usual soulless string of cliches, will castigate the guilty.

"Bank boardrooms have to be the first line of defence against future failures and they should not use the excuse of complex financial products to shield them from blame. Their focus must be long-term wealth creation, not short-term profits.""

He will drone on: "I strongly believe that the process of learning lessons has to start in the Boardroom."

This from a crook who flipped his house four times to make short term profits.

The report - in the Daily Telegraph says, "Many Labour MPs believe Mr Darling has proved an understated, steadying hand during the financial and banking crisis."

Very droll. But not as droll as the fact that the former speaker and well-known mumbler Martin is to get tributes in the House of Commons. For what? working valiantly to prevent the exepnses scandal from being exposed? Getting a fat pension when he should be down at the JobCentre?

No lessons have been learned in the House of Commons.

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