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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Your chance to win a painting (worth £2,500) - and see the artist in action.

More years ago than I care to think I employed two beautiful young people who - as beautiful young people do - got married.

Then as beautiful young people increasingly don't, they stayed married. One, Chris Jones, is a partner of mine. His wife, Kay through a series of accidents has become an occasional purveyor of art to the gentry.

She's having an exhibition of Mark Eurich's work on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 June between 6 and 10pm.

Who is Mark Eurich? He is most unusual. To see one reason why, just watch this video.

As you will see, he paints Jimi Hendrix's portrait in the time it takes the great man to play “Voodoo Chile” Most of his paintings are actually large modern abstract expressionist paintings - "scintillating canvases depicting spectacular vortices of colour and energy" - as the publicity puts it (there's a 4 page spread about him in this month "Art of England").

He has already been very successful in London and provincial galleries, partly through doing what you can see on the video and because he also supports several charitable causes.

He is Principal Artist for Gibson Guitars, The Professional Football Association and official Art Director for The Jimi Hendrix Foundation - a charity specializing in community outreach programmes. So there will be some exhilarating portraits of various rock stars to contrast with the abstracts.

As you might have guessed the show will not just be static. On Friday 19 and Saturday 20 June between 6 and 10pm he will be painting live. (Remember all those old clips of Jackson Pollock sloshing paint all over the place? This is much tidier.)

The prices are considerably lower than London Galleries charge for his work - and on top of that he is going to give away one painting valued at £2500 to one lucky visitor. Yes, marketing hounds, you guessed it, didn't you? It's to get publicity and encourage people to come and see his work (the painting here is absolutely impressive when you actually see it - it's called Midnight Solitude and it is HUGE!).

The paintings on show will all be for sale, for between approximately £450 and £5000.

It's all happening near the village of Mayfield - about 8 miles south of Tunbridge Wells at:

Hen On The Gate Barn, Mayfield Road (A267), Five Ashes, E. Sussex TN20 6HL. If you'd like to know how you get there see the map. It's a lovely part of the country by the way.

View Larger Map

The exhibition will remain open on Sunday 21 June between 11 and 6pm.

If you can't make it, Kay will be keeping the exhibition up for a further week for private viewings by appointment. If this suits you better please contact her:

Kay Jones on 01892 852394, or 07868 306315 or email kay@theoneweekartshow.com

I hope to see you there (and good luck in winning the painting)

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